The thing is:

The Internet of Things is coming. However, without “things” it’s not going to happen. And developing software for even the simplest devices continues to be:

  • Comparably complex, slow and therefore costly
  • Lacking in agile and iterative development models
  • Prohibitive because of high entry barriers to device development, even for professionals
  • Too expensive due to the required development environment


The rapid tooling framework for IoT ioRaptor addresses these problems by providing an open source, modern development toolchain for use with IoT devices. It covers the following aspects:

  • IDE
  • Code management and versioning
  • Automated unit and end-2-end tests
  • Embedded library management (support for more than 20 chip architectures and 400 boards)
  • Continuous integration
  • Automated software generation
  • Documentation
  • Agile process Management

Join the project

 We are looking for development partners interested in participating at ioRaptor

About ioRaptor

Understand the WHY and the ideas behind the ioRaptor project. 

Demo #1

See the mode of operation of the first ioRaptor prototype in this demo video.

Project scope

The development phase is started. See project scope and future plans. 

Project calender:

01. February 2018: Status Update Webinar 18:00h CET (Save the Date)

We are working on ioRaptor. Please save the date of our next Status-Update-Webinar which is scheduled on Thursday 1th February 2018  18:00h CET. An invite blocker will be also send out to all participants.

11. January 2018: Review Sprint #1 / #2

After finishing sprint 1 & 2 of the ioRaptor project development phase it was time for wrapping up the results and taking a look at the current project status. See Andreas Schmidt (Head of Technology, ThingForward) and Ivan Kravets (PlattformIO) in the webinar session.  
Click to watch video


08. December 2017: ioRaptor project officially launched

Thank you all for making it an excellent start! 

We start with about 20 participants in the core collab team and we are shaping together the solution. It's off to a great start with sprint 1 - we keep you informed and looking forward to your Feedback.