Slyft.io goes live

The prognoses for the development of the Internet of Things are very promising. It is estimated that by 2020 there will be four times as many IoT devices as there will be smartphones. The only industry that has the necessary innovative capacity and ability to bring about such a development is the Internet industry. The problem: Internet developers cannot develop devices.

This is where slyft from ThingForward comes into play. Slyft is a high performance code engine that simplifies significant development steps in device programming. Internet developers are now able to programme devices, embedded developers can develop internet interfaces faster and easier.

slyft has the following advantages:

  • Opens IoT development to non-embedded developers
  • Increases level of reused software from 30% to 90%
  • Faster, cheaper development (-80%)
  • Higher quality, better maintainability
  • Support of various professional hardware and standards
  • Supports modern development approaches
  • Easy to integrate into existing tool chains
  • Highly adoptable for specific industry purposes

At slyft.io, ThingForward is now offering a free version of this tool. We are looking forward to hearing about your experiences, your feedback and commentary.