Slyft: Building embedded devices for IoT

Slyft opens the door to IoT development for every product developer and development team by introducing proven programming techniques from web architectures to embedded IoT development. It is fundamentally a code generator that uses Schema and API design languages to generate source code for these systems at the touch of a button. It works on the basis of generic specifications, regardless of the language, target platform, protocol or data format. Source code can be instantly integrated in your development project, significantly reducing the extensive development work normally required for the implementation of the service layer and making the creation of device API easy for both embedded and web developers. Its simplicity ensures that your IoT projects get off the ground fast. Its flexibility and scalability ensure sustainable success.

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Slyft Enterprise:Premium solutions toolbox

Slyft enterprise is our solutions toolbox for companies. It offers the full slyft technology stack, adapted to run as a dedicated cloud-based service stored in dedicated storage locations. It offers additional functionality, specialized for the needs of enterprises.

The slyft client helps you to manage your slyft environment. It is a command line client typically installed on the development system. Features:


The slyft cloud solution is our hosted service for your developers. Features exclusive to enterprise users are:


  • Personalized version of slyft server hosted as Amazon Cloud Service
  • Exclusive database and storage for your slyft projects
  • Encryption of files
  • TLS encryption for access via the slyft client
  • 500 MB data space for slyft projects
  • 95% uptime guaranteed
  • Enterprise support
  • Access for three unique users

Slyftlets are templates defining the code generated by slyft. We supply predefined slyftlets for important use cases. Others can be generated on request. Features:


  • Generation of C99 code for embedded systems
  • Modelling of APIs using RAML and JSON Schema
  • Support of CoAP, the Constrained Application Protocol
  • Made for the Arduino software platforms, tested using Espressif's ESP8266 MCU
  • Uses microcoap and msgpack as 3rd party libraries (both OSS, released under the MIT license)
  • Upcoming support for TI MSP430 and ARM Cortex M platforms