13.04.2017 Where to buy prototyping hardware

In our tech blog posts and slyft tutorials we’re writing much about the ESP8266-based NodeMCU and the Grove Kit Quite some people asked us where to buy these things, so we decided to compile a list of shops (mostly EU-based) where you can find some or all or the parts we’re using.


28.11.2016 Installing PlatformIO and usb_serial in a Linux VM using Vagrant

This post describes how to set up an Ubuntu Linux VM with PlatformIO, including necessary steps to warp the USB-to-serial interface of development boards hardware into the virtual machine. PlatformIO maintains a very good documentation, but sometimes things can become tricky when trying to set up a working environment inside a virtual machine, and perhaps on different Linux distributions.

11.10.2016 Does REST for small devices make sense?

When reading about maker projects, we often find case examples and remoting implementations using subsets of HTTP, i.e. requesting a status page from a RaspberryPi-based Sensor board or sending commands to small actor devices using HTTP-POST. There are quite a few blog posts and articles are about implementing a REST API on those small devices. Given that REST is well-known from the field of web development, we asked ouselves whether it would make sense to transfer REST capabilities to the field of embedded and IoT development.