IoT: The next big "thing" driving the future of business growth

The Internet of Things will enable businesses to expand their portfolio of products and services, improve their supply chain and develop alternative revenue streams. However, minimizing time to market is going to be critical to remaining competitive. Unfortunately, there is a knowledge gap regarding IoT technology and the standards necessary to program embedded devices. This is why we founded ThingForward. Our mission is to transfer the speed, the flexibility, the quality, the security and the developmental know-how from the Internet to IoT. This requires the right people, the right methods and the right tools. 

ThingForward: A new start-up in the Cassini Group in the area of IoT

ThingForward is the latest start-up from the Cassini Group, which is comprised of more than 200 specialists in the field of digital transformation. The group has been responsible for the largest Internet projects in Germany over the last 10 years. It has also been advising blue chips and German ministries on IoT topics for more than five years. This broadband of competencies allows ThingForward to offer you a full spectrum of support and services from the very start. 

Slyft Enterprise: Taking IoT development into the fast lane

Software development for embedded devices is complex. Devices are only “smart” if they can speak the same language across brands, categories and operating systems. Current OS and programming frameworks do not enable the fast, easy and quality development of IoT devices. At the same time, there are too few programmer with embedded development knowledge to keep pace with busines and customer expectations for IoT products and services. Slyft Enterprise combines an easy-to-use software tool that make it possible for professional web developers to expand their knowledge to the area of IoT with a comprehensive support package and individual training modules to get everybody on the team up to speed.