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Links and Pointer from our latest Webinar

Last week we held our first webinar about Software developement and tooling for the Internet of Things. Unfortunately, the recording did not work out as expected, so we’re going to repeat that within the next weeks. As of now we’d like to at least share the links with you, so that you have pointers to more resources on the web to search for information.

The first webinar block was about some surveys and reports we found, regarding Developers for Embedded and IoT.

Although we at ThingForward aim towards programming embedded devices in C an C++, you might want to take a look at some more dynamic languages, which are also supported on some of the platforms:

Micropython is a language subset of the well-known scripting language from the web. It runs on a number of platforms, development boards are available in various networking and RF flavors (WiFi, Lora, Sigfox):

In case you're a fan of Javascript, you might want to give Espruino Boards a try:

The ESP8266-based NodeMCU support embedded LUA (eLUA):

We looked at some Development Environments and highlighted the distinction between cloud IDEs and locally installed ones (and the mixed ones as well). For pure Cloud-based IDEs, you might want to take a look at ARM mbed (if your favorite boards are ARM Cortex based):

Particle's boards also base on ARM Cortex, and can be programmed and remotely flashed from within the Cloud IDE:

For locally installed Development Environments, PlatformIO is definitely worth a detailed look, as they are able to install toolchain and cross compiler suites for a larger number of embedded platforms. Remote Flashing and Unit Testting is also on their list, so make sure to check it out.

In case you’re a fan of Eclipse, their newest IDE product is called Che:

Regarding Unit testing, we mentioned the Unity Testing Framework for C/C++. You can find more information about this at

And if you want to get a combination of ESP8266, NodeMCU, PlatformIO and Grove Kit working on your developer notebook, make sure to check out our two-day IoT Starter Training! For more information on this training, please contact us a

Our next webinar will be about IoT Architecture Topics. If you're interested, please visit

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Keep you posted!

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