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ThingForward IoT Workshop & Hackathon at Nexum

From 22nd to 23rd of June, ThingForward organized a 2 days IoT Workshop and Hackathon in cooperation with partner Nexum in Cologne. On the first day the event started with a deep introduction to IoT for the participants. On day 2 the event went on strongly with an actual prototyping session.

Here are the amazing findings briefly summarized:

Prototyping Case 1: The energy-efficient PC workstation

A typical workplace that is enlightened during office hours, equipped with a running PC and a ready-to-use phone consumes energy - no matter whether someone is actively sitting at the desk or spends several hours at meetings in the conference room, or simply enjoys a well-earned coffee break elsewhere.

The approach of the workshop participants: Create an intelligent workplace that independently determines whether someone is actively working on it, but saves energy if this is not the case.


Prototyping Case 2: Advanced Meeting Room Management

In many companies, frequently used meeting and conference rooms are an everyday occurrence. It is always annoying when the workforce reserves the rooms, but then does not use them without informing the system about it properly. Then rooms remain unused and are not available to others at the same time. If a windowless room comes into play, no one will even take notice.

The approach of the workshop participants: EagleEye. An installation that independently determines which meeting rooms are actually in use and which are free.

Result & Conclusion: Only a few participants had really profound knowledge in the area of ​​IoT before entering the event. After just two days of Workshop and Hackathon, the participants were able to present the successful hardware development of two functioning prototypes including backend integration. Impressive!

The bottom line is an all-round event, as Georg Kühl, Managing Director of Nexum AG, then said: "The Internet of Things is an exciting market in which we see considerable opportunities as a technically savvy agency. With ThingForward, we have made a substantial entry into the subject in record time. We are more than satisfied."

We close that. Many thanks to our partner Nexum for this successful cooperation of the likes of further consequences.