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Updates on TH Cologne Project Progress

First impressions of Slyft-enabled water detection & leakage prototype

At TH Cologne’s „Guided Project“, with Slyft, two agile sprints are moving into one. Students work in lab environment on an IoT device solutions. ThingForward supported the project with a 2-day deep dive workshop IoT prototyping, IoT architecture and IoT protocol fundamentals, as well as component and software development.

The team goal is to build a prototype of a water detection and leakage prevention solution. Now it’s time to look at the current progress, and it is quite impressive! The team of 6 students planned and finished two of three agile sprints. The picture below shows an impression of the current status.

Electronic components of the project:

  • a water solenoid valve, to block or enable water flow from a source
  • a Grove Kit relay, to control the solenoid valve
  • two water flow sensors, to detect the flow going towards taps
  • a Grove Water sensor, to detect presence of water (i.e. on ground)
  • 4x NodeMCU and Grove Base Shields, to connect sensors and
  • a RaspberryPi gateway, to connect all services together

The majority of communication code (in this case, CoAP and MessagePack) was modeled and generated using the CoAP Slyftlet, ThingForward’s code engine.

Next sprint is going to be the final one and we’re very curious about the results!

Keep you posted!