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The blog is written by our tech-team with Andreas Schmidt, CTO of ThingForward. If you have any questions or comments please get in touch. He and his Crew are always happy to “talk tech” with you. If you have any questions or comments please get in touch. 

15.08.2018 Hacking on a Pytrack GPS module

During tests with Pycom's FiPy we had some time to test the pytrack as part of a tangle-based tracking demo. Pytrack combines a GPS with an accelerometer, an SD card suitable for data logging and a jack and charger for a LiPo battery - everything included for a tracking-based application.

03.08.2018 Booting the ESP32 with Amazon FreeRTOS and Connecting it to AWS

Amazon FreeRTOS is a secure and easy to install-deploy-connect IoT operating system for micro-controllers. It is based on FreeRTOS kernel, which you have probably heard about before, and it’s extended with several software libraries for cloud connections, messaging protocols and sensor data acquisition. FreeRTOS also makes things easier when you see your messaging on the cloud, i.e. by using Amazon Greengrass. The idea of using FreeRTOS operating system will help us to simplify cloud-device connections and increase the compatibility.

26.07.2018 Connecting ESP32 to Amazon Web Services - AWS IoT Core

At ThingForward, we are exploring different cloud providers' varied functions for IoT applications. Today we will zoom into Amazon IoT Core. Amazon is leading the cloud market for more than 10 years now, thanks to its enterprise-ready solutions and powerful database services.

18.07.2018 HTTPS on the ESP32 - Server and Client Side

Many embedded maker projects involve HTTP or MQTT communication and more often the question arises if one can secure that communication in an easy way. The answer can be tricky and heavily depends on the hardware and the OS or embedded framework being used. In this post we'll take a look at the ESP32 using the Arduino framework, and its capabilities regarding TLS.

12.07.2018 Security Series Part 1: Mobile Internet & Zero Rating

Today we’re starting our latest tech blog series, this time about IT-Security related topics. We plan not to use any known vulnerabilities or flaws but instead we’ll present new discoveries made by our team. As well as this, we’ll be exploring areas which aren’t well documented or often talked about. With this in mind, this post will be focusing on the subject of Zero Rating.