Where to buy prototyping hardware

In our tech blog posts and slyft tutorials we’re writing much about the ESP8266-based NodeMCU and the Grove Kit, including its sensors and components. Quite some people asked us where to buy these things, so we decided to compile a list of shops (mostly EU-based) where you can find some or all or the parts we’re using.

Of course, the #1 address for Grove is Seeedstudio (US/China): www.seeestudio.com

Typically they have all these things in stock:

They also have a list of distributors, per region.

In germany, EXP-Tech is one distributor with quite large selection of Grove components. Unfortunately they don’t have the Base Shield in Stock (yet :)

The same goes for Watterott, you can find Grove components and NodeMCU there.

Antratek is based in DE/NL/BE, they also offer NodeMCU and Grove Components:

Happy hacking!