Webinar IoT Architecture vs. Web Architecture

Yesterday we recorded our second webinar - titled „IoT Architecture for web developers“ - where we looked at the key differences between building communication solutions for the web vs. for the Internet of Things.

Slides are available at the attendees page on Xing, albeit in German only. We’re working on translating the webinar and re-recording it for english speakers as well.

This short blog post is intended to give you some pointers to resources on the web, for further readings.

IPv6 (German-only). Heise’s IPv6 Leitfaden is a definitely a good read as an introduction into the topic.

CoAP, the Constrained Application Protocol is an IETF standard, and documents are available there. Additionally, http://coap.technology is a very nice introduction page with links to specification, examples, tools and implementations.

For asynchronous communication, MQTT might be a better choice, and there’s lots of material around. For an introduction video you might want to check out (german only!) https://www.buildingiot.de/2016/veranstaltung-4977-einf%C3%BChrung-in-mqtt.html?id=4977