ThingForward at Solutions.Hamburg

Last week, ThingForward attended Solutions.Hamburg. This event is Germany’s largest digitalization conference where leading strategists and innovators came together with decision makers from all lines of business to exchange ideas and find practical solutions for companies in the digital age. There were more than 500 talks as well as workshops, networking events, and many high profile speakers.

The event was split across three days, with the first focusing on strategy, the second on collaboration and the third on current and upcoming technological trends.

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Being the IoT startup of the Cassini Group, we’re working on bringing the world of embedded closer to the web, and one focus of our tech prototyping and internal research projects is on connecting things to backend and cloud services. Especially within the field of cellular and wide area networks, connection options are numerous. At our booth, we demonstrated our Trashfox project to our fellow attendees. Trashfox is a prototype for a smart waste container, measuring its fill level and sending this information to a processing backend. It was built using SIGFOX as a wide area network solution, with PlatformIO as our development environment of choice. SIGFOX is known for building up and operating a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN), suitable for connecting sensors to the internet. In our prototyping workshops, web developers can learn how to construct and program such sensor examples within a two days training session.

Our previous post about building it can be found here. In this post, we go into a lot of detail on the different elements that come together to make this smart waste container.

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