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The blog is written by our tech-team with Andreas Schmidt, CTO of ThingForward. If you have any questions or comments please get in touch. He and his Crew are always happy to “talk tech” with you. If you have any questions or comments please get in touch. 

10.10.2018 Grove Connector Shield for Adafruit Boards, part 1

We thought it would again be the time for some custom hardware, so here's an update on what we've been building. For prototyping purposes we're making use of the Grove system with it's sensors, actuators and easy to use connectors. This time we needed to bring together grove connectors and the Adafruit form factor, to connect out NB-IoT hardware.

27.09.2018 Narrowband IoT: Choosing a module according to project requirements

n our last blogpost, we laid out the foundation of Narrowband IoT knowledge, what it's about and what kind of IoT projects it might be used for.

NB-IoT is a new way of communication for the "things" which use the subsets of LTE standard, and which carry small volume of data transmission over long periods. Narrowband offers both low power consumption and low cost hardware expenses.


Now for a prototyping project, a typical question is exactly what module to buy because there are quite a few to choose from. In the past few weeks we've been working intensively with chips from Quectel, and we're happy to share our insights!

19.09.2018 ThingForward at Solutions.Hamburg

Last week, ThingForward attended Solutions.Hamburg. This event is Germany’s largest digitalization conference where leading strategists and innovators came together with decision makers from all lines of business to exchange ideas and find practical solutions for companies in the digital age. There were more than 500 talks as well as workshops, networking events, and many high profile speakers.

13.09.2018 REWE Digital HackDays

Last week, ThingForward got to attend REWE HackDays, a three day event in REWE Digital in Cologne with REWE employees from all over Germany.


Over the course of three days, 270 attendees worked on 27 projects, with ThingForward and our partner Zerynth in attendance giving talks and being there to support developers. The projects that the attendees worked on were both internal projects for REWE, and innovative solutions for REWE customers.

10.09.2018 An Introduction to Narrowband IoT

This blog post gives an overview of NB-IoT technology and its specifications, as well as a discussion of the reasons for choosing NB-Iot instead of current protocols. This post along with our other upcoming blog posts, will give you some additional knowledge about NB-IoT applications, hardware selection, shields and programming it for NB-IoT.


NB-IoT, also known as LTE Cat NB1, is a LPWAN technology standard that developed by 3GPP. Simply, 3GPP is a collaboration of telecommunication standards associations. The first duty of 3GPP was to make 3G technology based on GSM, after which this scope is expanded to 3G, 4G, LTE etc. technologies. NB-IoT can co-exist with 2G-3G-4G mobile networks. There are several LPWAN technologies around, and we've already been looking at some of them, e.g. LoRaWAN and SigFox. So let's try a short comparison.