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21.02.2018 Getting started with Python on Embedded - and Zerynth

Scripting languages on Embedded Devices - this should sound appealing to web developers as well, since they’re quite used to dynamic languages such as Javascript or Python. Why not have them on constrained devices as well?

Today we will focus on Python by using Zerynth IDE. Zerynth provides tools and services for programming professional microcontrollers in Python for embedded and IoT applications. We show how to get started.

21.02.2018 Dynamic Languages on Embedded

At ThingForward, we’re looking at embedded programming from a multilingual perspective, inspired by and with the background of multiple years of web development.

Programming for embedded is truly different: Very close to the hardware, with very limited capabilities, with no operating system or very slim OS functionality.

If you want to use dynamic languages on small devices, where could you look?


01.12.2017 Using Cloud IDEs for Embedded Development, Part 1

Lately we have been looking at cloud services for software development. Regarding developing web applications, using cloud services for various aspect of the software development process is nothing really new. But we're also interested in IoT and Embedded Development, so we like to find out if that's doable as well.

23.11.2017 Trying out SigFox using Low-Cost Maker Hardware

Lately we’ve examined Arduino’s MKRFOX1200 board to see how it can be programmed and connected to SigFox’ LPWAN network. Thanks to the excellent hardware and software it worked out pretty well and quite fast. In this post, we're looking at another module, the SigFox node from