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At Thing Forward we do not only work on advanced IoT solutions. Beyond our products, we also want to provide developers with what they need most in the rapidly evolving world of IoT: Knowledge.

Choose a topic and widen your knowledge in certain fields of IoT.

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15.03.2018 Webinar: Unit Testing for Embedded with PlatformIO and Qt Creator. 

Testing is an important aspect of software development, as well as for embedded software development. Modern, agile development toolchains are not complete without the ability to automatically test aspects of code, for example by unit tests. 

But: What aspects of firmware code can be tested, and how? And: Which tools offer support for writing and running unit tests?

28.03.2018 Webinar: Getting started with PlatformIO and Arm Mbed OS 

Arm Mbed OS as an open-source operating system for embedded devices, specifically suited for IoT development. The webinar introduces PlatformIO as an embedded development toolchain in combination with ARM Mbed CLI and will show how ARM Mbed-compatible development boards can be programmed using PlatformIO Projects.