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At Thing Forward we do not only work on advanced IoT solutions. Beyond our products, we also want to provide developers with what they need most in the rapidly evolving world of IoT: Knowledge.

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15. March 2018

Webinar: Unit Testing for Embedded with PlatformIO and Qt Creator.

Testing is an important aspect of software development, as well as for embedded software development. Modern, agile development toolchains are not complete without the ability to automatically test aspects of code, for example by unit Tests. 

This leads to the following questions:

  • What aspects of firmware code can be tested, and how?
  • Which tools offer support for writing and running unit Tests?

Learning content & knowledge transfer: 

  • The webinar provides an introduction to PlatformIO as an embedded development toolchain in combination with Qt Creator as an Open Source IDE, both installable by ioRaptor.
  • Participants learn how unit tests can be executed within PlatformIO's environments, how to write C-based unit tests using Unity as a framework and how to run them using PlatformIO commands.
  • Unit test will be run on local development machines, on embedded devices and remote via network connections. 

Target group: This webinar is aimed at web developers with a basic knowledge in embedded development using the Arduino platform. 

Duration: approx. 45 min, start: 6 p.m. CEST 

The webinar is free of charge. Spots are limited so be sure to register early to be guaranteed a place. As a registered participant, you will receive the access data for the webinar by e-mail beforehand. 

Schedule: Thursday, Mar 15th, 1800h CEST

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